CAMERA Exposes UN Bias Against Israel in Full Page Ad

CAMERA ran the following full page ad in the New York Times outlining the United Nations’ long history of anti-Israel bias, and pointing out that the UN’s oil-for-food scandal is only the latest example of the organization’s corruption, which started decades ago and has included the buying of votes and influence by oil-rich Arab states to ensure an anti-Israel majority in all major UN bodies.

Israel is the only UN member that is subjected to hostile scrutiny by a standing committee, the “Special Committee to Investigate Israeli Practices Affecting the Human Rights of the Population of the Ocupied Territories.” The United Nations Reliefs and Works Administration for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) allows its schools to use anti-Semitic textbooks that teach hatred for Jews and Israelis. UNRWA openly admits to employing members of the terrorist group Hamas, and has vigorously opposed any effort to build permanent homes for Palestinian refugees. Indeed, the UN General Assembly has condemned Israel for building such homes in Gaza for Palestinian refugees, and has demanded their return to squalid refugee camps.

The UN’s Commission on Human Rights has even supported Palestinian terror attacks against Israel, passing resolutions backing Palestinian use against Israel of “all available means including armed struggle,” code words for terrorist tactics. That such language could originate from a “human rights” commission, in clear violation of the UN Charter’s call for the settlement of “international disputes by peaceful means,” is a further sign of the UN’s debasement.

The UN’s bias and corruption act as a spur to violence, and render the organization absolutely incapable of living up to its stated goals of promoting peace and understanding among nations and peoples. Until there is real reform at the UN, including fair treatment for Israel, UN corruption will continue to fester, further betraying the hopes of its founders.

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