CAMERA Video: Why is NY Times Downplaying Islamic Jihad?

The New York Times scrubbed from its story language acknowledging Islamic Jihad is regarded as a terror organization, referred to the murderous group as "nettlesome" and "unruly," and consistently failed to note their rocket attacks are violations of international law.

“Hamas Appreciation Month” at NY Times?

The New York Times downplays Hamas war crimes, excusing its deadly rocket fire as an expression of "impatience" with Israeli bad behavior, suggesting it mistakenly kills Israeli civilians, and describing gunmen as mere demonstrators.

The Assault on Evangelical Support for Israel

This monograph equips Evangelicals with the information necessary to refute the faulty narrative at the heart of this campaign. It also exposes the threat Christian anti-Zionism poses to Evangelical-Jewish relations.

Ad: Why is The New York Times Silent?

CAMERA questions why The New York Times consistently fails to cover the most egregious examples of Palestinian incitement in this ad.