CAMERA Op-Ed: Diplomat for the Disappeared

“In Jewish lore,” the Israeli attorney Ory Slonim observes, “captivity is regarded as the worst fate of all.” In his new memoir, A Knock at the Door: The Story of My Secret Work with Israeli MIAs and POWs, readers come to understand why, and what it means for a society to be guided by this worldview.

Slonim worked tirelessly for more than three decades to secure the release of those Israelis, living and dead, who had been taken hostage by Israel’s enemies.

No other nation in modern history has been so consistently targeted for annihilation. Few other countries have been so consistently subjected to tragedy. In Israel, the late Irish diplomat Conor Cruise O’Brien once observed, “there is always the shadow of a new Holocaust.”

Read the rest of CAMERA’s Dec. 30, 2021 piece for the Washington Examiner Magazine here.

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