CAMERA Op-Ed in Christian Science Monitor on Skewed Media Descriptions

The Op-Ed “The unseen bias in Middle East reporting,” by CAMERA Senior Research Analyst Gilead Ini, was published in the Sept. 20 print edition and Sept. 24 online edition of the Christian Science Monitor. The column discusses misplaced terminology in news stories, such as the frequent but questionable use of the word “moderate” to describe the Fatah party and leaders.

The Op-Ed focuses on the phenomenon of “judgement terms.” It notes that these are “the assessments that, although found in news stories, can resemble opinion more than fact.”

The piece continues:

Such language is not only subjective, but also politically loaded. When used in reporting, it allows a journalist’s personal views, rather than just the facts, to dramatically influence public understanding of a controversial topic like the Mideast conflict.

One especially prominent – and highly questionable – example of a judgment term is the habitual characterization of Mr. Abbas and his Fatah party as “moderate.” Most major Western news organizations have used this description at one time or another. It is time for them to stop.

You can read the entire piece on the newspaper’s website by clicking here.

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