CAMERA Prompts AFP Correction on Mt. Herzl memorial For Terror Victims

An AFP article about the removal of a Palestinian terror victim’s name from a Mount Herzl memorial to terror victims following his family’s objection erroneously suggested he was the first Palestinian killed by Israeli Jews to be recorded on the memorial. The article was amended after CAMERA contacted the wire service with the correct information.

Error: Although a number of Arab names are featured on the wall, it was believed to be the first time the name of a Palestinian killed by Jewish Israelis had been listed.  (“Palestinian teen’s name erased from Israel memorial wall,” April 22, 2015, 7:07 AM GMT)

Correction: A number of Arab names are inscribed on the wall but the vast majority of those listed are Jewish Israelis killed in attacks carried out by Palestinian militants.

Pitoussi said that Abu Khder was not the first Palestinian victim to be named there.

‘There are others from east Jerusalem,” he told AFP, but was unable to give details.'”

In fact, CAMERA had already provided AFP with the following “details”:

Other Palestinian Jerusalemites listed on the site include Hamis Eyob Tutnaji, 32, of Shuafat, murdered by Jewish passengers riding in his taxi April 23, 1985 (plaque 50 on the Herzl monument) and Samir Balbisi, 22, of Kfar Akev, next to Kalandia, in northern Jerusalem, murdered by Jack Teitel June 8, 1997 (plaque 54).

In addition,Muhammed Abed Rabba, 23, of Tsur Bachar, in Jerusalem, killed April 25, 2002, by Israeli soldiers who mistakenly thought him suspicious, also appears on the Herzl memorial for terror victims (plaque 72).

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