Agence France-Presse (AFP)

      AFP Corrects: Egypt Also Borders Gaza

      AFP corrects after erroneously reporting that Gaza "is fenced in on three sides by Israel." In fact, Egypt sits on one of the three land borders.

      AFP Misleads on ‘Newly-Established’ Eviatar

      Agence France Presse captions misleadingly refer to Palestinian protesters' proximity to "the newly-established Israeli wildcat settler outpost of Eviatar," without giving any indication that the outpost was fully evacuated a week earlier.

      AFP Clarifies On Israel’s Family Unification Law

      CAMERA prompts improved AFP coverage of the family unification law, which prevents West Bank or Gaza Palestinians married to Israeli citizens from obtaining citizenship. AFP clarifies that the law applies to all Israeli citizens, not just Israeli Arabs. AP declined to clarify.

      AFP: Israelis in the South ‘Got Used To’ Rocket Attacks

      One does not get used to being under rocket fire anymore than one gets used to domestic violence, sexual abuse, or any other trauma which harms a person's sense of well-being, security and safety, and which inflicts long-term emotional scars.

      AFP Gaza Coverage Rife With Errors, Omissions

      Agence France Presse coverage today of events in Israeli and the Gaza Strip is marred by factual errors and egregious omissions which downplay the destruction that Hamas, a designated terror organization, has sown with its thousands of rocket attacks on Israel