CAMERA Prompts AFP Correction on Qassam Fatalities

In response to communication from CAMERA staff, Agence France-Presse corrected an article today which had understated the number of fatalities caused by Palestinian rocket attacks from Gaza.
Error (AFP, 9/14/06): Since the Palestinian uprising broke out, militants have fired thousands of homemade rockets towards Israel, in attacks that have killed five people.

Correction (9/14/06): Since the second Palestinian uprising broke out in 2000, eight people inside Israel have been killed in rocket attacks from Gaza, according to the army.

CAMERA Notes: An additional five people — a Chinese worker, a Thai worker, two Palestinian workers, and a Palestinian girl — were killed by Palestinian rocket attacks in Gaza. The latter was killed by a rocket meant for Israel that fell short, and the others were killed in the then Jewish settlement of Ganei Tal.
AFP is to be commended for its prompt correction. Corrections on wire stories the day they appear on the wire are especially valuable and reflect a proactive achievement, because the following day newspapers around the world will print the correct information and not propagate the misinformation.
In July, the Guardian corrected the same error.

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