CAMERA Prompts Haaretz Correction: Rashida Tlaib Not First American-Palestinian in Congress

CAMERA’s Israel office has prompted correction of a Haaretz article which incorrectly identified Rep. Rashida Tlaib as “the first Palestinian-American representative in Congress” (“‘Safe Haven?’ What Israeli, Palestinian Scholars Think about Rashida Tlaib’s Holocaust Comments“). 

While Tlaib is apparently the first Palestinian-American woman in Congress, she is not the first Palestinian-American in Congress.  Congressman Justin Amash, whose father is Palestinian, has served in Congress since 2011. Before them Republican John E. Sununu served a dozen years, starting in 1997. His father descends from Greek Orthodox Christians from Jerusalem. 
And the very first Palestinian member of Congress—albeit someone who was not Palestinian Arab—was John Hans Krebs, who served in California’s 17th district from 1974-79. Krebs was born in Berlin and moved as a child to Mandate Palestine in 1933.
In response to communication from CAMERA, Haaretz editors commendably amended the online article, which now accurately refers to Tlaib as “the first Palestinian-American woman representative in Congress.” Although the error appeared in the print edition, Haaretz did not publish a print correction.
Last week CAMERA’s Washington D.C., office prompted correction of the identical error at The Hill.

This post was corrected on July 28, 2023 to report that Krebs was born in Berlin and moved to Mandate Palestine as a child. He was not born in Mandate Palestine.

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