CAMERA Prompts International Herald Tribune Correction on ‘Palestine’

CAMERA staff prompted the following correction at the International Herald Tribune, clarifying that that Mahmoud Abbas is the president of the Palestinian Authority, not “Palestine”:

Error (International Herald Tribune, Alan Cowell, 2/28/05): It broke a truce between Israelis and Palestinians that was declared on Feb. 8, and put President Mahmoud Abbas of Palestine under strong pressure to demonstrate his ability to rein in militants prepared to sabotage peace efforts with bloody attacks on civilians inside Israel.

Correction (3/2/05): Because of an editing error, a front-page article Monday about the suicide bombing in Tel Aviv misidentified Mahmoud Abbas as the president of Palestine. He is president of the Palestinian Authority.

This correction is an important reminder that “Palestine” is not currently a political entity, a fact that is often overlooked by many European media outlets such as the Economist and the Guardian. The American media, on the other hand, usually refers correctly to the Palestinian Authority. The International Herald Tribune, owned by the New York Times, is edited in Paris.

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