CAMERA Prompts LA Times Correction on Gaza Electricity

Seven weeks after CAMERA first provided the Los Angeles Times details documenting an error in a Jan. 28 news article, the paper runs a correction. Today’s correction clarifies that Israel did not begin electricity cuts to the Gaza Strip in June 2007, as incorrectly reported. The error and correction follow:

Error (Los Angeles Times, Richard Boudreaux, 1/28/08): Israel began reducing the flow of electricity . . . across Gaza’s borders after the militant Islamic movement Hamas, which had won parliamentary elections in 2006, seized full control of the territory in June.

Correction (3/25/08): Gaza electricity: A Section A article on Jan. 28 reported that Israel had begun reducing the flow of electricity to the Gaza Strip after the Islamic movement Hamas seized full control of the territory in June. Although Israeli sanctions had caused electricity shortages by curtailing supplies of diesel fuel to Gaza’s only power plant, Israel did not reduce the amount of electricity it sells to Gaza until early February.

Numerous other distortions from Richard Boudreaux’s Jan. 28 article remain, however. For example, while Boudreaux blames Israeli fuel cuts for water and sanitation problems, and for fuel shortages, sources from the United Nations, World Health Organization and Palestinian Ma’an News Agency point a figure at a Palestinian fuel distributors’ strike as responsible for the shortages.

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