CAMERA Prompts LA Times Correction on IDF

CAMERA staff prompted a correction which appeared yesterday in the Los Angeles Times regarding a report which had wrongly stated that Israel’s military is the largest in the Middle East. The error and correction follow:
Error (Los Angeles Times, Teresa Watanabe, 9/16/07): . . . younger Jews . . . grew up to see Israel command the Mideast’s largest military.

Correction (10/13/07): Israel’s military: An article in the California section Sept. 16 about young American Jews reconnecting with Israel stated that Israel has the largest military in the Mideast. Although some experts rank Israel’s military as the most powerful in the region, it does not have the largest budget or number of personnel.
Other major media outlets, such as the International Herald Tribune, New York Times and National Public Radio, have published and corrected similar misstatements.

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