CAMERA Prompts PBS Correction: Jerusalem is Israel’s Capital

On the July 22 broadcast of PBS’s Newshour, anchor Hari Sreenivasan erroneously identified Tel Aviv as Israel’s capital, reporting that Israeli “protesters blocked a major thoroughfare in the capital of Tel Aviv.” Jerusalem is Israel’s capital.

Following communication from CAMERA, Newshour staff thanked CAMERA for bringing the error to their attention and appended a editor’s note to the program’s website and YouTube page addressing the mistake. It reads:

Editor’s Note:  A segment in this program incorrectly referred to Tel Aviv as the capital of Israel. Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. We regret the error.

 In the past, CAMERA has secured multiple corrections to the identical error from news outlets including Newsweek, The Los Angeles Times, India Today, and others. Likewise, countless media outlets have corrected after CAMERA pointed out their mistaken use of “Tel Aviv” as shorthand for Israel, erring while employing the common journalistic practice of referring to a nation’s capital as shorthand for that country or its government.

We commend PBS’s forthright correction. 

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