CAMERA Prompts Washington Post Correction

CAMERA staff prompted the following correction Thursday in the Washington Post regarding an opinion piece which vastly inflated the number of Palestinians living in Gaza refugee camps:

Error (Washington Post, Abdallah al Salmi, 10/2/05): With 1.3 million Palestinians living in heavily packed refugee camps, subject to IDF jets and militants’ rockets, the 140-square-mile Strip is not a likely setting for a stable and prosperous state.

Correction (10/13/05): An Oct. 2 Outlook article by Abdallah al Salmi, describing life in Gaza since the Israeli withdrawal, stated incorrectly that there are 1.3 million Palestinians living in Gaza refugee camps. That figure is the estimated number of Palestinians in Gaza, of which 961,000 are registered as refugees with the U.N. Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA). An estimated 471,000 live in refugee camps, according to UNRWA.

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