Glenn Beck on the Itamar Murders

Glenn Beck of FoxNews presented, in his programs on March 14 and 15, a moving and obviously heartfelt analysis of the murders of Udi and Ruth Fogel, and their children Yoav (11), Elad (4), and Hadas (3 months old), residents of the Israeli community of Itamar.
On the first segment Beck particularly decried that the butchering of this young family provoked celebrations and the passing out of sweets in Gaza (a traditional form of celebrating a happy event in the Arab world). Beck asked “What kind of monster can butcher an infant,” and concluded the segment by warning:
There is great and powerful evil in the world, but there is great and powerful light as well. Get into the light and stand in it, because evil is growing rapidly.
Here is the video of the March 14 segment:
On March 15 Beck did a follow up, describing the inspiring statements of Ruth Fogel’s father, Rabbi Yehuda Ben-Yishai. In a radio interview the mourning father was obviously in deep pain, yet he did not call for revenge and did not express hatred. Explaining to the astonished interviewer his lack of rancor, he said:
I have worked in education many years, and as an educator, I try to strengthen and teach people faith. I understand that I cannot be satisfied with words and that I also must implement the same principles on which I have educated others. This is a test of my faith, and therefore I agreed to be interviewed.
I believe in the country, in our strength and in the strength of the army, and I ask how did this strength not save our children?
… We will take upon ourselves the difficult task and pave for them the path so that life will be victorious.

Their mother and father will pray for them from the Heavens, their grandfathers and grandmothers will give them a lot of love, and the People of Israel will hug them and encourage them to grow and continue in the path of their parents.

Here is the video of Beck’s update:

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