Alex Safian, PhD

After false hate-crime story, President Biden apologizes to Muslim-American Advocates

During a meeting at the White House with Muslim Americans, President Biden was told a false story by an attendee that three of her relatives in Chapel Hill, NC had been murdered in an anti-Muslim hate crime. According to press reports this had a deep effect on the President, triggering him to apologize for doubting Hamas casualty claims.

Excessive Force and the Israel-Hamas War

The destroyed al-Salam Hospital in Mosul, Iraq after US bombing.

Israel's war against terrorist groups in Hamas-ruled Gaza has triggered the usual charges of illegal, disproportionate and excessive force, but the analysis shows that Israel has taken more care to protect civilians than legally required, and has acted more humanely than other countries engaged in similar battles, including the United States in Iraq, Panama, etc., and countries including the US fighting under the United Nations banner in Somalia. (Photo above Copyright 2017 Associated Press)

Ehud Barak Misleads about the Shifa Tunnels

Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak seems to say in this interview with CNN's Christiane Amanpour that Israel created the underground "bunkers" beneath Shifa Hospital. What was he talking about? The answer is he confused the word bunker with the word basement. This will become obvious when we outline the facts on who built Shifa Hospital, including the basement, and who built the tunnels and bunkers.

CNN Launders Hamas Propaganda

When organized crime wants to hide profits from their criminal enterprises, they launder it through seemingly legitimate business, and after a step or two, the money is clean. Unfortunately, CNN is trying the same trick with casualty reporting from Gaza.
Shifa Hospital Plaza

No Power in Gaza, Hospitals Shutting Down? Watch this Video

Hamas-controlled health authorities have been claiming -- for weeks -- that Gaza hospitals will have to close in a day or two for lack of power, and this has been repeated by numerous media outlets. But what Hamas is omitting is that thanks to a UN/WHO program Gaza hospitals have extensive solar panel installations on their roofs, which can supply a substantial portion of their power needs. Watch the video and see for yourself.
Queen Rania of Jordan

Open letter to Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah of Jordan

An open letter to Queen Rania of Jordan, who in a CNN interview decried alleged Israeli "shelling" of Palestinian civilians in Gaza, raising the question of whether she is aware of how her late father-in-law King Hussein defeated a PLO uprising in Jordan by shelling and flattening Palestinian refugee camps, and expelling many of the survivors, including PLO Chairman Yasir Arafat, to Lebanon.
Israeli Power into Gaza

Is Israel’s “Siege” Denying Water and Food to Gaza? Just the Facts

After horrific mass terror attacks by Hamas, Defense Minister Yoav Gallant announced a “complete siege” of Gaza: "There will be no electricity, no food, no fuel, everything is closed." Because some have mistakenly interpreted this to mean that Israel supplied -- and is now cutting off -- all of Gaza’s water, electricity, and food, it's important to layout the facts.

David Remnick’s Ignorance Knows No Bounds

David Remnick, editor of The New Yorker, once again puts his fatuous ignorance and faux sophistication on display in his recent screed about Israel, Netanyahu and judicial reform.
Nakba day march

The Nakba Narrative is Nonsense

Since Israel's rebirth in 1948 the Palestinian "nakba" (or catastrophe) narrative has taken root, portraying well-armed Jewish immigrants overrunning peaceful Palestinian villages. Though believed by many "progressives," the nakba narrative is nonsense. Israel was not born in original sin, and the real Palestinian catastrophe is that their leaders have embraced violence and supposed victimhood while repeatedly rejecting peace plans and statehood.