Alex Safian, PhD

Are Israelis Allowed to Defend Themselves?

knivesAfter numerous deadly Palestinian attacks against Israelis, PA leader Mahmoud Abbas seems to be outraged that in self-defense Israelis sometimes kill their attackers. Does he believe that successful self-defense somehow unjustly denies Palestinians their rights?

The New York Times, the “Newspaper of Broken Record”

NY TimesJodi Rudoren's  "East Jerusalem, Bubbling Over With Despair" is yet another tiresome example of the New York Times whitewashing Palestinian terrorism, omitting material facts, and just generally getting the story wrong about Israel and about the Palestinians.

The Temple, the Times and the BDS Supporter

New York TimesAfter deadly Palestinian attacks against Israelis triggered by false claims that Israel is threatening the al-Aqsa Mosque, the New York Times published a mostly mangled history of the situation and of the Temple Mount, relying in part on an "expert" who is also an outspoken supporter of boycotting Israel.

Is there a deal with Iran on Stuxnet too?

The nuclear deal with Iran is meant to ensure that the country will, for at least 10 years, be unable to produce enough fissile material to complete a bomb. But what assurances did the Iranians demand regarding attacks – including malware like Stuxnet – against their nuclear program, and what assurances were provided?

Robert Malley and US Policy on Israel

Robert MalleyRobert Malley was just named Special Assistant to President Obama with responsibility for the Middle East, and will be the lead person in the NSC handling US policy towards Israel. The very controversial Malley – and his family – have rather interesting ties to Yasir Arafat, among others.

Rudoren Does It – Again and Again and Again

Jodi Rudoren of the New York Times, seems to make so many extremely serious errors it makes you wonder how she can presume to intelligently report on what she apparently doesn't really understand. This time she confuses the relation between Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Rudoren Misreports by Ignoring Palestinian Polls

By ignoring Palestinian public opinion polls, the Times Jodi Rudoren paints the Palestinians as far more moderate, and therefore the Israelis as far less moderate, than they really are.