Alex Safian, PhD

Boston Globe Recycles Anti-Netanyahu Propaganda

A Boston Globe op-ed recycles the false charge that in his 1995 campaign Benjamin Netanyahu failed to denounce bloodthirsty anti-Rabin incitement, such as chants that he was a traitor. In fact, video and contemporaneous coverage proves Netanyahu forcefully rejected such attacks on Rabin, responding at one rally, "no, no, he's not a traitor ... we are one nation."

Israel, Terror, and the New York Times

NYTThe New York Times is willing to label as terrorism attacks against civilians in France and other countries. But when the attacks are against Israelis, terrorism is not terrorism.

Fact Checking the Candidate Speeches at AIPAC

Ted Cruz, Hillary Clinton, John Kasich and Donald Trump addressed the 2016 AIPAC Policy Forum, outlining their views on Israel and the Middle East, while Bernie Sanders sent a transcript of his remarks. Here's a fact-check of their speeches.

Diaa Hadid, Recycling Old Stories about the Old City

Diaa HadidDiaa Hadid, hired a year ago by the New York Times to improve coverage of Palestinian affairs, instead seems to view her job as escalating the Times' traditionally hostile and inaccurate coverage of Israel. The latest example is her largely fictional story on evictions in Jerusalem.

New York Times Tilts Against Israel Whenever it Can

The New York TimesThe New York Times can't seem to resist the temptation to slant the news against Israel and in favor of the Palestinians, even when covering a fairly innocuous story such as the initially suspicious fire at  B'tselem, the controversial non-profit based in Israel.

Diaa Hadid, NY Times Respond to CAMERA, and CAMERA Responds Right Back

New York TimesNew York Times reporter Diaa Hadid responded to CAMERA's criticism of her Haifa report, admitting that it was incorrect to write that Israel was created by the 1948 war, but rejecting our assertion that the liberal Arab culture she describes in Haifa could happen only in Israel. Hadid claims there's something similar in Beirut, but we prove there isn't. 

PBS at War with Netanyahu and Israel

NetanyahuNetanyahu at War has a fatal flaw: war requires at least two parties, and focusing only on Netanyahu, and not also on those making war against Israel, like Yasir Arafat, guaranteed both the failure of the Frontline documentary to document very much at all, and its success at deceiving viewers.

Haifa, History and the New York Times

The New York TimesThe New York Times seems to be allergic to the facts of the Arab-Israeli conflict, as if reporting the truth and actually reflecting reality will cause a life-threatening medical crisis. The latest example is Diaa Hadid's In Israeli City of Haifa, a Liberal Arab Culture Blossoms.

Bibi, the Mufti, and the Media

Grand MuftiPrime Minister Netanyahu is being criticized for saying in a speech that the first Palestinian leader, Haj Amin el-Husseini, known as the Grand Mufti, had given Hitler the idea of exterminating the Jews. But the criticism can't erase the facts: the Mufti was a Nazi war criminal who got away with mass murder.