JTA Clarifies on West Bank Political Repression

A Jewish Telegraphic Agency article yesterday about a Capital Hill internship program for Israeli and Palestinian youth had originally stated as fact that West Bank Palestinians who engage in political activism face dangers (“Palestinian and Israeli discovered a shared past when they met as Washington interns“). The article had stated that a Palestinian participant of the New Story Leadership program “had been shielded from politics from his parents because of the dangers that political activism poses for West Bank Palestinians.”

The article did not specify whether those alleged dangers were posed by Palestinian authorities or Israeli authorities. Israel does not take steps against West Bank Palestinians engaged in political activism which is not violent or which, for instance, does not involve activity with terror organizations.

In response to communication from CAMERA, JTA commendably revised the article. It now more carefully states that the intern “had been shielded from politics by his parents because of their belief that political activism poses dangers for West Bank Palestinians.”


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