NY Times Corrects: Green Line Not “Drawn in 1967”

After the New York Times inaccurately described the Green Line as a border “drawn in 1967,” CAMERA secured a correction from the paper.

In their Jan. 29 story about the recently announced American peace plan, reporters Michael Crowley, Peter Baker and David M. Halbfinger referred to “decades of American support for only modest adjustments to Israeli borders drawn in 1967.”

The boundary they describe is actually the 1949 armistice line that separated Jordanian and Israeli soldiers, and that runs between Israel and the West Bank. As the newspaper’s Feb. 5 correction puts it,

An article last Wednesday about the Trump administration’s Middle East peace plan referred incorrectly to proposed adjustments to Israeli boundaries. The plan proposes significant changes to Israel’s pre-1967 borders; the borders in question were not drawn in 1967.

Although the correction continues to refer to the line as a “border,” the armistice line was not intended to be a political border, and it was never a border between two sovereign countries. 

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