NY Times Corrects: Wrong to Call Atarot “Occupied Palestinian” Territory

The New York Times has corrected an article that had described a Jerusalem neighborhood as “occupied Palestinian territory.”
CAMERA had informed The Times that the neighborhood, Atarot, was a Jewish owned farming village before 1948, when Jordan occupied the area and destroyed the village’s homes. Atarot is in sovereign Israeli territory as part of the country’s unified capital, although Palestinians claim it as their own. (See additional details here.)
In a Feb. 11 story, reporter Jodi Rudoren embraced the Palestinian narrative about this territorial dispute, asserting that “Israel opened its first industrial zone in occupied Palestinian territory shortly after the 1967 war, in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Atarot.”
The newspaper published the following correction on Feb. 20:

An article on Feb. 11 about a debate over whether Israeli companies operating in West Bank settlements do more to help or hurt the Palestinians they employ referred imprecisely to the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Atarot, where Israel opened an industrial zone after the 1967 war. While the Palestinians and most of the world consider it to be occupied Palestinian territory, Atarot was a Jewish village until 1948, and Israel considers all of Jerusalem to be its capital.


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