NY Times Editor Admits Lower Standard For Palestinians

Matt Seaton, a staff editor for The New York Times opinion page, sends a tweet to Tamar Sternthal, director of CAMERA’s Israel office, in which he admits that a special standard applies for Palestinians.
Sternthal writes in The Times of Israel:
A favored topic at The New York Times is the purported racism of Israeli society at large. It
has been the topic, again and again, of Op-Eds, editorials and news stories.
Conversely, Times editors seem ever reluctant to approach the subject of Palestinian
racism, although there is no dearth of material there.
Why this discrepancy?
Times opinion editor Matt Seaton today provided a window into the mindset of the editors in his
response to a query by this media analyst about whether readers “can expect two hit pieces on
Palestinian racism in the next month” in keeping with the pace of the publication of (error-ridden) screeds about Israeli racism, both real and imagined.
Seaton, a former editor at the Guardian, known for its hostile treatment of Israel, tweeted back that The Times opinion pages would cover Palestinian racism as “soon as they have [a] sovereign state to discriminate with.”

Read the entire piece here.

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