Ilhan Omar

For Mehdi Hasan, Two Antisemitic Wrongs Make Ilhan Omar Right

Hasan’s lame attempts to cast Omar’s repeated employment of classic antisemitic tropes as merely “criticism of Israel,” alongside his constant efforts to politicize antisemitism, serve as a reminder that bigotry, including antisemitism, must be combatted because it is morally reprehensible, not because it is politically convenient.

The Washington Post’s Opinion Page Calls Out Antisemitism

In the span of one week, the Washington Post ran two opinion pieces calling out antisemitism in the halls of Congress and the campuses of our nation's universities.It is past time for major U.S. newspapers to devote column space to the ominous rise of antisemitism. The Post's decision to highlight antisemitism is welcome, particularly, as CAMERA notes, due to the paper's own, and often troubling, history.

CAMERA Op-Ed: The Role of the Media in Promoting Antisemitism

Antisemitism is both increasing and increasingly mainstreamed. From the halls of Congress to the newsrooms of The Washington Post, our institutions are showing that they aren’t up to the task of confronting it. Indeed, as CAMERA has documented: they're part of the problem.