Shlomo Sand

      Who lit the match that started the fire?

      Haaretz has falsely charged that the Israeli-Palestinian violence started due to "a disrespectful attack at the Al-Aqsa Mosque." Ignoring the evidence, many other media outlets around the world have echoed this. In fact, the chain of events indicates not only that the violence was a pre-planned Hamas initiative, but also that it was instigated despite a series of steps that the Israeli government took to calm things down, steps that had a heavy political and public cost in Israel.

      The Invention of the Jewish People: Shlomo Sand Reinvents History

      The Invention of the Jewish People
      By Shlomo Sand, Translated by Yael Lotan
      Verso, London New York, 2009

      When it comes to undermining the legitimacy of the Jewish state, there is no thesis too absurd to be published. "The Invention of the Jewish People" by Shlomo Sand who teaches French history at Tel Aviv University is one example.