Presspectiva Prompts Correction on Ha’aretz Op-Ed About Anatot Violence

Presspectiva, the Israeli branch of CAMERA, has prompted corrections in Ha’aretz, in both Hebrew and English, regarding an Op-Ed by Neri Livneh which alleged that settlers from Anatot, next to Jerusalem, engaged in violence against Palestinians and Israeli activists. In fact, a violent incident on Sept. 30 involving Anatot residents was the first such incident. Presspectiva first wrote about the Op-Ed here. The error and correction follow:

Error (Ha’aretz, Op-Ed, 10/3/11): It’s a fact: From the moment Kaniuk learned of the judge’s ruling on the eve of Rosh Hashanah until the news was reported in the newspapers, several outstanding Jews (in their own opinion), residents of the West Bank settlement of Anatot, managed to demonstrate how easily Judaism can be turned into a loaded pistol aimed at the goyim, when they went out, as is their custom, to enhance the joy of the holiday by engaging in a pogrom against Palestinians and the peace activists who came to their assistance.

Correction (10/7/11): In the article by Neri Livneh (“A new movement?” October 3), it was erroneously implied that residents of the Anatot settlement have participated in attacks against peace activists and Palestinians in the past.

CAMERA applauds Ha’aretz’s timely correction of the error in the print edition, and urges editors to correct the online articles as well. (As of this writing, they have yet to do so.)
For additional Ha’aretz corrections elicited by CAMERA/Presspectiva, see here.

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