CAMERA Prompts International Herald Tribune Correction on Settlements

CAMERA staff has prompted  a correction today in the International Herald Tribune regarding a Sept. 19 article which had doubled the number of Israelis living in the West Bank. The error was first noted on CAMERA’s Snapshots blog the day it was published. The error and correction follow:

Error (International Herald Tribune, Neil MacFarquhar, 9/19/11): They remain under occupation, the number of settlers in the West Bank has tripled to around 600,000, and they have far less freedom of movement in the territories ostensibly meant to become their state.

Correction (10/6/11): An article on Sept. 19 about the Palestinian application to join the United Nations misstated the number of Israeli settlers in the West Bank. There are 600,000 living on land in the West Bank and East Jerusalem captured in 1967, not in the West Bank alone.

CAMERA commends the Tribune for correcting the record. Additional Tribune corrections elicited by CAMERA staff can be seen here.

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