Pro-Chavez Web site Features Anti-Semitism

The following article is an adapted translation of one that appeared in the Spanish language website ReVista de Medio Oriente ( on March 16th about the Venezuela-based Web publication
Aporrea, which focuses on Venezuela’s socio-political events, declares in its “nosotros” (about us) page that it “identifies with the transformative revolutionary and democratic process of Venezuela.” It also classifies itself as an “alternative popular news agency” and an “instrument of social intelligence.” (Notably, the Spanish word “aporrea” means “the act of beating, pommelling, or cudgelling.”) The site’s mission statement continues with a decidedly ideological declaration:

We are a means for debate, denunciation and the generation of ideas, aiming to construct the Socialism of the XXI century. We try to break the media fence imposed by the private means of communication, which are committed to the conspiratorial and counterrevolutionary coup in Venezuela, a manifestation of the imperialist globalization, against which we also fight with other peoples of the world.

In other words, Aporrea is a pro-Chavez news agency, which denounces those who oppose the existing government and who might supposedly promote a coup against it, at the same time as it opposes outside “imperialism.”

As to who writes for Aporrea, the site promotes the formation and cooperation of “community correspondents and street reporters, and columnists that would collaborate.”

Aporrea was started by the Revolutionary People’s Assembly on April of 2002 to “confront the coup of the Venezuelan middle class against the government of President Hugo Chavez.” The two founders and “creators” were Martín Sánchez and Gonzalo Gómez. In 2004, Sánchez became the Consul General of Venezuela in Chicago and subsequently, last October, he became Consul General of Venezuela in San Francisco. One of the original writers for Aporrea is Mario Silva who also runs the TV program “La Hojilla” and who has hosted President Chávez for extended interviews on a number of occasions on the program during which the two express deep mutual sympathy.

Aporrea affirms in its “about us” page that it
defends the values of equality and justice, and as a result, it fights discrimination based on race, nationality, gender or sexual orientation. For that reason, along our trajectory, we have denied publication of material that promotes homophobia, racism, ant-Semitism and xenophobia. (emphasis ours)

How little Aporrea has “denied” publication of incendiary material is apparent when using Aporrea’s own search system to review articles that appear when the word “Jews” is inserted. What follows are extracts from a number of these articles.

A note to our readers: What may seem incoherent in English is not due to translation. The commentary is equally incoherent in Spanish.

Jews, conspirators and assassins
by Pedro Mendez, January 7th, 2009

…the false “holocaust” endured by the Jews, whom with the immense capitals they stole from the German industrialists with the excuse of defending them from the threat of the London and French empires…

…by the hairy hand of the fake spreaders of crematoriums of individuals that live with their lies…

They are the same ones that wore the hoods of Iraqui nationalists to behead innocent men of different nationalities (they tortured an Englishman for several days), pretending to show that the natives of Mesopotamia were defending their homeland by using barbarian methods to which they are well accustomed.

On our part, we call the workers, farmers, students and peoples in general the world over, so that together we save Palestine from the claws of the assassin Jews, who pretend to decimate the race of the unchosen

Atack the synagogue!
by Miguel Jaimes, February 1st, 2009

A group from the Israeli Mosat (sic) is operating in Venezuela. In the attack against the synagogue, they took the cameras with their films, no doubt, it corresponds to an excellent “Plan” to attack their own churches.

The Israeli Mosat, that extends to the countries of the so called Andean Arch, lanza against Venezuela what it calls “Atacks of exhaustion and softening”.

…All of them blaming without hesitation President Chavez for inciting hatred against the Jews in the region.

The war of the media is counseled by a Jewish creator who directed the strategy of publicity

The attack against the synagogue was planned and executed by the Israeli Mosat in our country

Let’s remember the brutal bomb that caused the deaths of 85 people in the Asociacion Mutual Israelita (AMIA) in Buenos Aires, on July 18th 1994. The world knows that the Israeli Mosat was behind it.

Palestine: Land stolen by the Jews
by Ivana Cardinale, June 30th, 2006

The Jews celebrate every year their independence. The club “Hebraica” has even a marathon for the celebration every year. I ask them: The Jews, of whom they became independent? Of God?

Long Live Palestine. Out with the Assassin Zionists.

PS: I am not an anti-Semite. I am anti-Zionist, anti- i luminati (enlightened people), anti- race that thinks is God chosen.

To hunt Jews
by Evaristo Marcano Marin, January 9th, 2009

About the supposed existence of the holocaust, the Jews had the need to prepare hunters so that half truth would be completely recognized as a whole truth and humanity would know the excesses of Hitler’s Germany.

To hunt a Jew should be a labor of peace and love. Every Jew you hunt down, catch him with a net of love and affection. Tell him that we humans know that they could also become humans and that if we achieve that noble purpose, they will be capable of: respecting, loving, feel solidarity with people, feel and love others. Tell him that those feelings exist and are part of some humans.

Insist in this work of “Jews hunting” to see if it’s possible that we might be reeducate them and reduce in them this habit of not wanting to behave like animals or like humans. If we “hunt” many male Jews (and female Jews too), it is possible we might convince them that peace and respect of peoples is one of the most beautiful feelings humans have.

The chavistas are not German Jews
by Eduardo Rothe, October 8th, 2008

Jedem das seine is the German translation of Cicero’s “Justitia suum cuique

Distribuit” (to each his own) that appeared in big iron letters on the gates of the concentration camp of Buchenwald. Today that is the slogan of the rightist party “Justice First” whose leaders were active in the coup of 2002 and excelled for their persecution of chavistas. From these and other fascist youth (some of them with Jewish family names like Capriles Radonsky), fans of Bush and the Bolivian racists, we can expect anything.

You failed, Zionists, Jews, Fascists, Assassins
by Javier Monagas Maita, January 15th, 2009

There is no fear, only the steal of conciousness was forged, and the strength of knowing that it is more dignifying to die fighting for the honor and dignity of peoples, than to live under a comparsa de alimanas indolentes, for whom the lives of women, children and old people, only brings them economic dividends.

Gross error, beasts with no feelings and slaves of the damned money, feeling supported by the major demon of the most perverse and criminal nation on earth; in all lived times. It is sufficient strength and aval to do the worse and most atrocious genocide in all of humanity. A genocide real and palpable, worse than what they say was committed against the Jews, in the hands of the Hitler Nazis and to which you were accomplices as you served it by telling on the Jews that didn’t share with you your damn taste as a demonic sect.

…mercantile religion blood sucking flees

Israel, the respondona maid?
by Julio Cesar Trujillo, August 3rd, 2009

The Jewish blackmail, that in some circles is softened euphemistically by calling it Jewish lobby, will not be diminished as some think by the financial debacle of the investing banks, Jewish in its majority

Instead of offering “opinions from diverse sources” and of generating “social intelligence” as Aporrea promises, we only found one type of material: hatred towards Jews and hatred towards Israel. Anti-Semitic ideologies recycled over the millennia appear in every article: Jews are assassins, greedy, subhuman, the Holocaust is a topic for ridicule, and anti-Semitic clichés are everywhere. Only one article in commemoration of Kristalnacht (70 years of shame) by a foreign author “” doesn’t contain hatred and is genuinely educational. Every other article espouses ideas full of defamation, absurd theories, accusations of all kinds — all of pure anti-Semitic vintage.
We didn’t count the total number of bigoted articles; we stopped reading (exhausted!) when we couldn’t find a single exception — other than by the foreign contributor — to the crass anti-Semitism. In summary, despite the fact that Aporrea declares “we fight discrimination based on race, religion and nationality…” and we “deny publication of articles containing anti-Semitism” its pages are full of anti-Semitism and xenophobia against the Jews without any other content. In fact, Venezuelan Jews, like the leader Elias Farache, are mentioned by name and openly defamed.

Given that Aporrea’s writers are “street writers,” untrained journalists, it’s relevant to ask what responsibility falls on Aporrea for its own published material. In the “about us” page we read: “Aporrea is made of volunteers who at different times of the day donate their time to insert the news, denunciations, and opinion articles…” This indicates that editors of the site (volunteers or not) choose the articles that get published. This undeniably demonstrates that the contents that saturate each and every one of the articles with the theme “Jews” in Aporrea reflect the policies of Aporrea. Declaring itself not anti-Semitic while publishing raging anti-Semitic articles underscores the blatant hypocrisy of Aporrea.

Martín Sánchez, the current Consul General of Venezuela in San Francisco:

As mentioned, Mr. Sánchez was one of the two founders of Aporrea. He was also its Web master and, as chronicled in the American Thinker, he used to be the registrant of the Web site, although that has been changed.

On the 6th of February, 2009 Mr. Sanchez published in Aporrea a response to an article by Emilio Silva, a professor at the Bolivarian University of Venezuela. Silva’s article was titled “¿Cómo apoyar a Palestina frente al estado artificial de Israel?” (“How to support Palestine against the artificial state of Israel?”) in Aporrea of January 22, 2009, which i s still available for reading (in Spanish) in Mr. Sánchez’s response article.

Mr Sánchez declares that he is not working now for Aporrea but that he is a co-founder and he wants to collaborate to uphold the “excellent role of Aporrea in the politics of Venezuela”

Mr. Sánchez starts by saying that it is fine to condemn the “massacre” of Palestinians perpetrated by Israel but not to accuse the Jews, because then this is used by the opposition on the right, against the Bolivarian Revolution.

In his article, Mr. Silva calls to : “round up any Jew on any street, shopping mall, park, etc, to make him take a stand, yelling at him pro-Palestine declarations and declarations against the abort-like state of Israel”

Mr. Sánchez doesn’t think this is a good idea for several reasons but he says: “Based on your suggestions, another person could suggest a form of “social audit” in each neighborhood to identify all the Jews and call a telephone number “800-badJew” to denounce every Jewish person that refuses to speak against Israel. This is a bad precedent. These are not the values we are trying to generate in Venezuela.” That is, Mr Sánchez propounds his own anti-Jewish action but rejects it, although he offers it to his readers in case someone might be interested.

Says Sánchez: “Nobody has evidence that the ‘Jewish organizations’ in Venezuela and the synagogue of Maripérez [ReVista: the synagogue that was vandalized] are involved in the assassination of Palestinians. Imagine there are protests in front of every Catholic church every time the Episcopal Conference of Venezuela makes an anti-Chávez declaration? That would be unfair and discriminatory. The correct thing is to protest in front of the Episcopal Conference, since they have stated their position and participated in the coup of 2002.”
Why it is that Israel and its problems with terrorism across its borders is analogous to the Episcopal Conference opposition to Chávez is beyond logic. The only reason to make this comparison is to class the Jews by analogy into the opposition to Chávez (as an extension of the Episcopal Conference) — a very sly way of planting a seed that then makes it easier to attack the Jews as an opposition group to Chávez. This, in turn, justifies attacks against them much more easily than accusing Israel of massacres of Palestinians.
Mr. Sánchez’s article does not express revulsion against the blatant anti-Semitism of Emilio Silva (who calls the Holocaust “holocuento” meaning it is just a story). Rather, the article is crafted to admonish Silva for making the Bolivarian Revolution look bad and creating arguments that might help the “right,” “coup-bent” opposition.
Instead of expressing shame against Aporrea for its anti-Semitic content, front to back, Mr Sánchez expresses admiration for the publication’s contribution to Venezuela’s political life. In reality, Aporrea’s “public education” mission includes educating the people of Venezuela to become outspoken anti-Semites and offers them ideas as to how to implement anti-Semitism.
Mr. Sánchez should condemn the contents of Aporrea and demonstrate his position regarding anti-Semitism by demanding the complete removal of the anti-Semitic contents from Aporrea and the enforcement of the stated standards in the future.
Mr. Sánchez, the Consul General of Venezuela in San Francisco, is a founder and writer of this Internet newspaper, in which despicable anti-Semitic content is disseminated to the public, as well as attacks against Venezuela’s Jewish citizens.
One can’t help wondering if there aren’t norms of conduct for diplomats serving in the United States that would disqualify individuals associated with such rank bigotry.
As for Apporea itself, ReVista has called for the immediate and total removal of all the articles about Jews on the Web site. Otherwise, Aporrea should remove the absurd disclaimers about not tolerating anti-Semitic bigotry and make clear in its mission statement that it supports and espouses anti-Semitism, hatred and xenophobia.  

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