Der Spiegel Corrects Caption About 60 Years of ‘Occupation’

Following a request from a subscriber to Presspectiva, CAMERA’s Hebrew site, Spiegel Online corrected a Sept. 20 photo caption which incorrectly referred to “60 years of Israeli occupation,” suggesting that Israel within any borders has no right to exist. The image and original caption follow:

Requesting a correction from the editors, the reader noted:

In the map to the left of this photo you clearly state that these territories were captured in 1967. Clearly 44 years ago.

The only thing that happened nearly 60 years ago is the foundation of Israel. I thought that der Spiegel recognizes the right of the Jewish people to a state.

By writing 60 years ago you join the most radical of Palestinian factions who view the mere Existence of ANY Jewish state (founded 63 year ago) as the Original Sin, and not just the 1967 war and the occupation that followed.

Der Spiegel commendably corrected the error, and the caption now reads: “Sixty years after Israel declared statehood, the Palestinians want to follow suit this week. . . “

Spiegel’s timely correction underscores the impact that individual news consumers can make in promoting media accountability and accuracy.
(If only it were so easy to get Mahmoud Abbas to reconsider his statement that Palestinians “have been under occupation for 63 years,” then the Palestinian-Israeli conflict might have a hope for resolution.)

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