Times of Israel Corrects Typo: Man Didn’t Throw a Rocket

Graphic from Good Free Photos

The Times of Israel today correct a rather comical albeit unforunate typo. An Aug. 1 article had erred:

Policearrested four people earlier in the day for accosting demonstrators at a pair of protests in the south and in Haifa arrested a man who threw a rocket at protesters, injuring a woman.

The man, in fact, had thrown a rock, not a rocket.

In response to communication from CAMERA, Times of Israel immediately corrected the typo. The amended text now correctly refers to “a man who threw a rock at protesters.”

Unfortunately, the article, including the typo, was picked up by Asian News International (ANI) and as a result appears on a few international news sites. CAMERA has reached out to ANI as well and will update concerning any further corrections.

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