UK Media Watch prompts Indy correction to Ahed Tamimi claim

An April 18th op-ed in the Independent by Ahed Tamimi – the terror-supporting Palestinian teen ‘activist’ from Nabi Saleh who recently spent time in prison for assaulting a soldier – included the claimed that Israel only implemented one of the 38 recommendations by the NGO UNICEF on the treatment of Palestinian minors.

However, according to UNICEF’s own progress report in 2015, Israel had at that point already implemented four of the recommendations, with another 15 characterised as being “partially addressed”.

We contacted Indy editors who – after a long delay – finally upheld our complaint and revised the sentence to reflect the information we provided:

Of the 38 requirements they set out to protect Palestinian children, Israel has only implemented four, with another 15 being partially addressed.

We’re attempting to determine if the IDF has implemented additional UNICEF recommendations since 2015, and will update this post if such information becomes available.

This post originally appeared at CAMERA’s UK Media Watch.

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