Updated: CAMERA Prompts Ha’aretz Correction on Palestinian Prisoners

As noted earlier today on CAMERA’s Snapshots blog, Ha’aretz’s English translators again took liberties with their work, injecting false information which did not appear in the Hebrew original. This time, translators falsely stated that 477 Palestinian prisoners were freed in the Gilad Shalit prisoner exchange. In fact, the total was 1,027 released Palestinian prisoners.
The original Hebrew Op-Ed by Zvi Bar’el did not include the understated figure. Following communication from CAMERA’s Israel staff, editors have corrected the erroneous report online.
Here is a screen shot of the error as it originally appeared:
A screen shot of the corrected version, in which the erroneous reference to 477 released prisoners was deleted, follows:
Today’s case is the latest in a long series of what we call “Ha’aretz, Lost in Translation,” in which translators downplay or entirely omit Arab violence or other wrongdoing, and also introduce false information about Israel which did not appear in the original.
Because the error also appeared in print today, we call on Ha’aretz editors to run a correction in print as well.
See here for other Ha’aretz corrections elicited by CAMERA and its Hebrew wing, Presspectiva. For the Hebrew version of this post, please see Presspectiva.
Jan. 28 Update: Ha’aretz Runs Correction in Print Edition
CAMERA commends Ha’aretz for the correction, below, that appears in today’s print edition on page 2.