Andrew Cockburn

Anti-Zionist Conspiracy Theories Seek the Mainstream

Anti-Zionist conspiracy theory literature is once again in the news. A book portraying the Jewish state as all-powerful and unscrupulous, entangled in global conspiracies, wars and influence-peddling was co-authored by Leslie Cockburn who is currently running as a candidate for Congress in the 5th District of Virginia.

National Geographic Slave to Bias

National Geographic's September 2003 article by Andrew Cockburn entitled "21st Century Slaves" fails to mention the world's leading human-rights and slave-trafficking offender, Sudan, while unfairly highlighting with a double-page photograph Israel's relatively insignificant prostitution rings.

National Geographic “Stands By” Its Errors

CAMERA has twice sent to John M. Fahey, Jr., President and Chief Executive Officer of National Geographic Society, a detailed enumeration of the errors, distortions and omissions in "Lines in the Sand - Deadly Times in the West Bank and Gaza," by Andrew Cockburn in the October, 2002 edition of National Geographic magazine. Many readers have also written letters of protest to the editors. Despite this, the Geographic continues to "stand by" the article's errors.