Craig S. Smith

Samir Kuntar: Hero to Some

An unconfirmed report of the death of terrorist operative Samir Kuntar offers a reminder that a culture that extols a child-killer reveals its values.

Absolution for Kuntar in the New York Times

When someone is convicted of murder, the New York Times tends to accept the court's verdict over the killer's denials. No doubts are raised about the despicable actions of Charles Manson or Scott Peterson. But with Samir Kuntar, it's a different story.

New York Times Mangles Sheba Farms Issue

In this Sunday's New York Times, reporter Craig Smith wrote 1179 words on the so-called Sheba Farms issue, and after presenting the basics more or less accurately, still managed to omit virtually every key fact. For example, if Sheba were turned over to Lebanon, Hezbollah has already claimed other land in Israel as belonging to Lebanon, and therefore in need of "liberation."