Gideon Levy

UPDATED: Ha’aretz Indifferent to Journalistic Norms

Nov. 28 update follows.  In contrast to international and American media outlets, Ha'aretz apparently considers itself above criticism. Ha'aretz editors seem unaccustomed to responding to readers in a straightforward process and appear to believe readers have no right to fault them for shoddy, inaccurate coverage.

Truthful Media, U.N.-Style

Just like the U.N.'s 2001 Durban Conference Against Racism itself became a racist anti-Israel hate fest, the U.N.'s media seminar this week supposedly promoting sober, factual journalism about the conflict turned into platform for anti-Israel distortions and incitement.

CAMERA Column: Fast and Loose with Facts at Ha’aretz

Ha'aretz, which describes itself as "an independent newspaper with a broadly liberal outlook," allows its writers to espouse extremist views unfettered by the facts. Editors have refused to correct the many errors in a column by Gideon Levy, including a fabricated Golda Meir quote.