Henry Chu

Palestinian Leadership Committing the “Unthinkable”

In their Oct. 17 Los Angeles Times article entitled "U.S. Shifts From Ally to Target in Gaza Strip," Megan Stack and Henry Chu wrote: "Presidents such as Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton remain icons of American friendship, and the idea of attacking an American has been unthinkable to the Palestinian leadership, akin to throwing away one's last, best hope." How do the reporters know what Palestinian leaders have historically found thinkable or unthinkable? Perhaps such speculation would be better left to the editorial pages.

LA Times Distorts Temple Mount History

Henry Chu's Sept. 27 article about the Temple Mount is yet another example of the Los Angeles Times' sloppy reporting and non-responsiveness to readers' feedback concerning factual errors ("Faith and Rage Intersect at Jerusalem Holy Site").

Road Map Corrections

With past Israeli-Palestinian peace plans, the media tended to minimize or ignore Palestinian obligations while highlighting or exaggerating Israeli obligations.