Hilary Brown

Confusing Murder and Martyrdom at ABC

In an otherwise informative report on ABC World News Tonight (Jan. 14) about Raeem Al-Raiyshi, the female suicide bomber who killed four Israelis after duping guards to let her bypass the metal detectors at a checkpoint, correspondent Hilary Brown referred to Raiyshi's choice of "martydom" over motherhood. "It seems she loved martyrdom more [than her children]," Ms. Brown concluded.

Measuring Balance at “Nightline”: Divergent Views Need Not Apply

"Nightline and ABC News devote a significant amount of time to both Israeli and Palestinian issues and we consider our record even on the whole," wrote Kerry Smith Marash, ABC's VP for editorial quality, in her Nov. 13 letter to CAMERA. If the Dec. 2 "Nightline" focusing on "Israeli issues"–the 27 pilots objecting to Israel's targeted killings followed by a piece on the "demographic bomb"–was meant to balance the tendentious Oct. 9 broadcast featuring the suicide bomber as victim and criticizing Israel's security barrier, then it was a dismal failure.

The ABC’s of Journalism

With Peter Jennings at the helm as Anchor and Senior Editor of World News Tonight, ABC News has won a reputation for unflagging bias against Israel.