Josef Federman

AP Improves Coverage on Facebook Sanctions For Netanyahu

CAMERA prompts improved after AP incorrectly reported that Facebook suspended Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's account for a post saying "Arabs want to annihilate us." A New York Times Op-Ed by Raja Shehadeh also errs.

AP “Fact Check” Conveys Anti-Israel Spin

Responding to Benjamin Netanyahu's address to Congress, the AP's Josef Federman wrote a "fact-check" to "counter" the Israeli prime minister's assertions. The wire service story reads more like the spin of a hired public relations specialist seeking to denigrate a political opponent and redirect the audience to a preferred message.

AP Takes “Hard Line” Against Israeli Negotiating Position

netanyahu abbas handshakeWhy does the Associated Press insist that Israel's call for immediate and unconditional direct negotiations reflects a "hard line," when it was the Palestinian side that consistantly refused to talk until their demands were met? And how did AP describe Israel when it was the side insisting on preconditions?

AP Claims that Israeli Politicians Exploit Holocaust

In an April 13 Associated Press story on a German film about Hitler currently being screened in Israel, reporter Josef Federman includes a shockingly inflammatory statement alleging Israeli manipulation of the memory of the Holocaust.