Peter Jennings

Lebanon’s Civil War and Jennings’ Historical Revisionism

In his Oct. 23 report on the twentieth anniversary of the Marine barracks bombing, Peter Jennings provided a highly slanted account of Lebanon's tumultuous civil war years, twice mentioning Israel as a destabilizing factor but not mentioning the Syrian occupation or the Palestinians' role in fomenting violence and chaos.

Jennings’ World

The saga of another Jennings error in reporting on Israel, followed by the network's outlandish rationalizations and its eventual, slippery correction, captures exactly the ethos of a media outlet that barely pretends to disguise its advocacy of the Palestinian cause.

In the Palestinians’ Pocket: Journalists Doing PR For the PA

In a revealing episode, Italy's state television network RAI has had to recall its correspondent from Jerusalem after he sent a letter to the Palestinian Authority stressing his support for the Palestinian cause. The journalist, Riccardo Cristiano, explained that, contrary to rumors, his station was not responsible for video of the brutal October 12th murder of two Israeli men by a Palestinian lynch mob at the Ramallah police station...

Jennings’ Jerusalem Jihad

Say this for Peter Jennings — he's unabashed in placing ABC at the disposal of the Arab agenda.

The ABC’s of Journalism

With Peter Jennings at the helm as Anchor and Senior Editor of World News Tonight, ABC News has won a reputation for unflagging bias against Israel.