Peter Kenyon

In Wake of Flotilla, NPR Coverage is Listing

NPR news analyst Daniel Schorr brands Israel's blockade of Hamas a "blockade of hate," while colleague Sheera Frankel ignores Erdogan's endorsement of Hamas. Tilted Gaza reports ignore Israeli offers to deliver flotilla aid, including concrete, and Hamas' refusal.

Another NPR Winter of Distortion

As sure as the calendar moves toward spring, National Public Radio stations turn to a fresh season of fund-raising. For listeners wondering about the status of the network's longstanding bias against Israel, a snapshot of coverage in early 2005 offers few signs of positive change. Instead, the tilt toward Arab positions continues. Sloppiness with factual precision is still commonplace.

Updated: NPR Refuses to Correct House Demolition Error

On December 13, CAMERA urged NPR to broadcast an immediate on-air correction of Peter Kenyon's erroneous statement that Israel demolishes Palestinian homes in order to make way for Israeli construction. NPR's Vice President for News and Information, Bruce Drake, refused to acknowledge the error.

CAMERA Obtains Correction at NPR

At CAMERA's urging, NPR corrected its inaccurate February 28 statement that an Israeli couple had been murdered near the "settlement of Meitar." The town of Meitar is located fully within Israel, just south of the Green Line.

NPR Tortures the Truth to Malign Israel

National Public Radio does it again, falsely charging that under Israeli law confessions extracted under torture are admissible, when the reality is that Israel has even tougher protections against such abuses than does the United States.

UPDATED: NPR Discovers Terror in the West Bank

National Public Radio, which routinely calls Hamas suicide bombers "militants" or "activists," rather than terrorists, has finally found some West Bankers it can comfortably refer to with the "T" word. And no, these terrorists are not from Islamic Jihad, or the Al- Aqsa Martyr's Brigades, or the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, or the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine ...

Lopsided NPR News from Peter Kenyon

Once again, National Public Radio has focused lopsided coverage on Palestinian civilians unintentionally killed during an Israeli incursion into Gaza, minimizing the responsibility of Palestinian gunmen in deliberately endangering their own civilians, while giving only perfunctory coverage to Israeli civilians targeted for death by an Arab suicide bomber.

NPR and Israel: June, July 2002

Yet another two-month study reveals National Public Radio coverage of the Arab-Israeli conflict continues to be marred by factual distortions and disproportionate presentation of Arab and pro-Arab speakers. Skewed and serious allegations against Israel are, at times, aired in completely one-sided programs without giving Israel the right of response. Partisan language shades reporting, blurring the terrorist role of Palestinian groups and leaders and casting Israeli leaders alone as “hard-line.”