Raja Abdulrahim

The New York Times’ Eid al-Fitr Gift to Hamas

Raja Abdulrahim's lengthy article underscoring the Gaza Strip's dire financial situation does not mention Hamas once, a glaring omission sure to have brought great holiday cheer to the territory's repressive regime.

NYT Senses Moment to Demonize Jewish Settlers

Reporters Patrick Kingsley and Raja Abdulrahim expand their enterprise of vilifying Israel as the culprit in the ongoing Palestinian-Israeli conflict by focusing on Israeli settlers.

NY Times blurs, buries distinction between civilians and gunmen

A story by New York Times correspondent Raja Abdulrahim seems designed to leave readers in the dark about recent bloodshed in Israel and the West Bank, concealing or downplaying that Palestinians recently killed in the West Bank were gunmen, unlike Israeli civilians murdered in Palestinian terror attacks.
Raja Abdulrahim

More Palestinian Propaganda from New York Times Reporter Raja Abdulrahim

New York Times reporter Raja Abdulrahim has a long history of anti-Israel propaganda, and her latest article adds to the toll of distortions. She and her co-author charge that the IDF "never" refers to Palestinians injured or killed in military actions as civilians. But multiple examples prove Abdulrahim is once again, at best, wrong.