Rami Khouri

On NPR, Arab Journalist Rami Khouri Blames Ariel Sharon for Islamism

Rami Khouri, editor-at-large of Lebanon's Daily Star, and a frequent NPR guest, today on the network actually blamed Ariel Sharon for the rise of Islamism in the Middle East. Perhaps Khouri has never heard of the Wahhabis, or the Saudis and their vast oil wealth, or the Taliban, or Sudan under al-Turabi. That being the case, it's too bad for NPR listeners that the network has heard of Khouri, and invites him on so often.

Another NPR Winter of Distortion

As sure as the calendar moves toward spring, National Public Radio stations turn to a fresh season of fund-raising. For listeners wondering about the status of the network's longstanding bias against Israel, a snapshot of coverage in early 2005 offers few signs of positive change. Instead, the tilt toward Arab positions continues. Sloppiness with factual precision is still commonplace.

U.N. Resolutions on Iraq, Israel Not Comparable

In his March 21 column, Rami Khouri, executive editor of the Beirut-based Daily Star, misrepresents the facts concerning
Iraq, Israel and United Nations resolutions. He states that the Arab
world is aggrieved by "an Anglo-American armada to enforce U.N.
resolutions in Iraq, while applying no comparable political, economic or
military clout to implement 50-year-old U.N. resolutions on the Israeli
Palestinian conflict. . . ." ("For Arabs, a Cruel Echo of History").