Ariel Sharon

The World’s Version of Mideast History

From May 20 through May 24, 2002, The World's Patrick Cox presented a five-part special report entitled "A Middle East History," where he attempted to sum up the complex history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in brief soundbytes, drawing heavily on Arab propaganda claims, omitting relevant information, and skewing the facts.

The Periscope’s Obstructed Vision

Since almost the beginning of the current clashes between Israelis and Palestinians, Palestinian sympathizers have characterized Ariel Sharon's visit to the contested Temple Mount/Haram al-Sharif holy site as tantamount to an act of war. But Newsweek goes even further than this position in the Periscope section of the Dec. 25-Jan. 21, 2000 issue, in which a photo of Ariel Sharon praying by the Western Wall (NOT the Temple Mount) is labeled: "Sharon's visit to disputed area touched off a war."