Jeremy Ben-Ami

      In Roll Call’s Shallow Waters, Good Journalism Drowns

      Roll Call argues that the Democratic Party is increasingly disenchanted with Israel—and implies that the Jewish state is to blame for this shift. But the newspaper relies on both superficial history and untrustworthy sources to reach its preordained conclusion.

      J Street Echoes Iran’s Best Friend in Washington

      J Street joined the pro-Tehran National Iranian American Council in cheering Congress' support of the Iran nuclear deal. CAMERA's Washington Jewish Week Op-Ed highlights the groups' connections.

      The New York Times-J Street Axis

      Providing no information about the controversies surrounding J Street, bureau chief Ethan Bronner highlights the group's endorsement of Abbas's position that Israel should negotiate with a group sworn to its destruction while the US foots the bill.

      Lies, Damn Lies, and Polls

      Hamas EmblemA number of authors have claimed that Israelis support negotiating with Hamas. But the poll they cite is both deeply flawed and contradicted by a much more extensive and credible poll published at the same time.