John Mearsheimer

Gilad Atzmon, his Defenders, and their Enablers

Gilad Atzmon hates Jews, denies the Holocaust, and plays the saxophone. The greater concern is that his defenders, professors at prestigious universities, have faced few consequences for endorsing the extreme bigot.

Anti-Zionist Conspiracy Theories Seek the Mainstream

Anti-Zionist conspiracy theory literature is once again in the news. A book portraying the Jewish state as all-powerful and unscrupulous, entangled in global conspiracies, wars and influence-peddling was co-authored by Leslie Cockburn who is currently running as a candidate for Congress in the 5th District of Virginia.

Mearsheimer on PBS: Nuclear Weapons are Weapons of Peace

On PBS Newshour, John Mearsheimer, author of the "Israel Lobby," asserts " a nuclear-armed Iran would bring stability to the region." He also offers reassurance that "they have hardly any offensive capability at all."

CAMERA Op-Ed: With Friends Like These

As condemnation of the Jewish state in the media becomes more and more extreme, those leveling the charges are proclaiming themselves to be the true friends of Israel.

John Mearsheimer: Often in Error, Never in Doubt

John MearsheimerJohn Mearsheimer has made a habit of mangling the basic facts about Israel and the Middle East. Here he stumbles over the history of the 1973 Arab-Israeli War, once again unintentionally refuting his central claims about the malign influence of the pro-Israel lobby.

The Fraudulent Scholarship of Professors Walt and Mearsheimer

"Israel Lobby" professors Walt and Mearsheimer charge that because of its alleged misdeeds Israel is an unworthy ally of the U.S., and cite as proof numerous seemingly damaging "quotations" from Israeli leaders. The problem is that all the quotations are from secondary sources or worse, and all are false.

LA Times runs Anti-Semitic Cartoon with Inflammatory Op-Ed

Los Angeles Times op-ed by Stephen Walt and John Mearsheimer spewed more of the authors anti-Israel inaccuracies and was accompanied by an anti-Semitic cartoon more at home in a neo-Nazi publication than a supposedly major newspaper.

Mearsheimer’s Blunder

Contradicting his book's central claim, John Mearsheimer lets the truth slip out – the Bush administration was determined to go to war against Saddam, regardless of Israel or the "Israel Lobby."