12 CAMERA Accomplishments in 2018

  1. CAMERA broke last year’s record of 185 media corrections. We prompted 206 corrections in US, UK, Spanish-language, Hebrew and Arabic publications.
  2. CAMERA Arabic launched its Arabic website, the first media-monitoring body to monitor Arabic-language reports from Western media outlets, ensuring accurate coverage of Israel and the Middle East and promoting adherence to professional journalistic standards.
  3. CAMERA’s UK Media Watch set a record number of media corrections this year, prompting 51 corrections from publications such as The Guardian, The Independent, The Telegraph, Times of London, The Financial Times, The Daily Mail, Evening Standard, Irish News and Irish Examiner.
  4. CAMERA ran hundreds of student workshops and events at 86 colleges and universities, including many of the most prestigious schools in the United States and Great Britain.
  5. CAMERA’s Spanish department launched a new college campus program – “CAMERA on Campus Latinos for Israel”bringing a pro-Israel message to Spanish-speaking students across the world.
  6. CAMERA’s BBC Watch helped spearhead three important conferences on anti-Israel media bias, including assisting the Israel-Britain Alliance to formulate a campaign asking members of parliament to demand better BBC coverage.
  7. CAMERA’s Jerusalem Office prompted important corrections at influential news outlets such as The New York Times, Associated Press, and The New Yorker. And it published op-eds in Haaretz, reaching a whole new audience for our organization.
  8. CAMERA renewed its massive billboard campaign outside the offices of the New York Times: Following on its successful 2014 campaign, CAMERA has again rolled out a giant new billboard focused on bringing attention to ongoing biased coverage of Israel by The New York Times.
  9. CAMERA held its first Student Leadership Conference in the United Kingdom, equipping British students with the tools to combat the rising tide of anti-Semitism in Great Britain.
  10. CAMERA’s 18,000 letter writers continued to be a powerful force for Israel activism, often filling the entire letters’ pages of leading newspapers and websites across the world.
  11. CAMERA staff spoke twice in Poland, and co-led a tour of Christian leaders to Warsaw, Treblinka, Chelmo, Lodz, Auschwitz-Birkenau and Krakow.
  12. CAMERA’s Partnership of Christians and Jews translated our work into Spanish and Portuguese, and we’re now assisting Hispanic and Brazilian churches to spread the facts about Israel.

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