BBC Headline Falsely Charges Beirut Airport “Destroyed”

BBC webpage reports on the Israel/Hezbollah crisis link to a story about a Jordanian relief flight to Beirut with the false and misleading link headline “Mercy Mission: A Jordanian aid mission flies into Beirut airport, which has been destroyed.”

For example, click on this story and look for “Features” in the right sidebar . In fact, the Beirut airport has not been “destroyed” and has suffered relatively minor damage. Even al-Jazeera reported that a Lebanese official “denied that a terminal had been hit and said that only runways had been attacked.” And the BBC article on the relief flight reported that at least one runway had been repaired by Jordanian engineers to allow the flight to land.

The BBC article also failed to point out that the runways were attacked because they were used by Syrian and Iranian flights to supply the Hezbollah missiles that are now raining down in Israeli cities.

Contact the BBC to ask them why they employed such grossly misleading link text.

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