Ha’aretz Corrects E-1, Gaza Errors

CAMERA has prompted two corrections in Ha’aretz today regarding errors which appeared in news articles last month.

On Jan. 15, we first wrote about a Jan. 14 article which wrongly reported that Israel violated a Supreme Court injunction by evacuating protesters from a Palestinian protest camp in the disputed E-1 area of the West Bank. Presspectiva, our Hebrew Web site, contacted Ha’aretz editors requesting a correction, and noted that the Guardian had corrected the very same error, but a Ha’aretz correction was not immediately forthcoming.

The other error involved a Jan. 16 article, which we addressed here, which stated as fact that the Israeli army shot to death Gazan Mustafa Abu Jarad, though the army denied any involvement in the incident. An online version of the article was corrected, though another version of the article online was not revised, and a correction did not appear in print until now.

Today’s corrections in the print edition follow:

CAMERA and Presspectiva applaud the corrections. But why did we have to submit a complaint to the Israel Press Council before Ha’aretz took action? In addition, we urge Ha’aretz to correct Bradley Burston’s column last month which likewise falsely stated that Israel’s removal of the E-1 protesters was in violation of the High Court injunction.

For additional Ha’aretz corrections prompted by the CAMERA/Presspectiva team, see here.

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