Ha’aretz ‘Lost in Translation’ Corrected

Ha’aretz today corrected the latest case of “Ha’aretz, Lost in Translation,” a phenomenon which we have tracked on our Snapshots blog and Web site. As noted on Snapshots yesterday, Ha’aretz‘s English translators gave an entirely new meaning to a phrase in an Op-Ed by settlements advocate Karni Eldad. Yesterday Eldad referred in Hebrew to “the agricultural period, during which settlers held onto the land, cleared stones, planted and sowed. . . ” (emphasis added.) Ha’aretz‘s translators translated the phrase that settlers “cleared stones,” (“seeklu”) into settlers “expelled” (“seelku”), an incendiary charge which had no connection to what the writer actually wrote.
After CAMERA’s Hebrew office, Presspectiva, contacted Ha’aretz yesterday, the online edition was corrected quietly. Today editors commendably published the following print correction:

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