Haaretz Again Corrects on Mohammed Al Dura

For the second time, CAMERA prompts correction of a Haaretz English edition translation “error” which blamed Israel for Mohammed Al Dura’s death. Both times, the English edition, but not the original Hebrew, attributed the September 2000 shooting to Israel.
Most recently, Haaretz‘s English edition last Friday reported that the Israeli army killed Mohammed Al Dura. The original Hebrew article by Gidon Levy and Alex Levac did not hold Israel responsible for the September 2000 shooting of Al Dura. It stated (CAMERA’s translation): “The image recalls that of Mohammed Al Dura, who was shot and killed in Gaza while his father tried to protect him, but this time the ending was better.”
The English version of the article, in contrast, originally referred to “Mohameed al-Dura, the boy who was shot and killed by Israeli forces in the Gaza Strip in September 2000.” 
American, European and Israeli  investigations determined that Israeli forces did not kill Mohammed al-Dura. Haaretz previously corrected an article which wrongly attributed al-Dura’s death to the IDF in May 2011.
In response to communication from CAMERA’s Israel office, editors commendably deleted the phrase blaming Israel for the reported killing of Al Dura. Contrary to standard journalistic practice, editors did not append a note to the article notifying readers of the change. As of press time, the online article states:
For additional Haaretz corrections prompted by CAMERA, and CAMERA’s Hebrew site, Presspectiva, please see here. See also “Haaretz, Lost in Translation,” a collection of mistranslation in Haaretz‘s English edition.

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