New York Times Corrects Mosque “Arson” Claim. Will CNN?

Following communication from CAMERA’s Israel office, The New York Times commendably corrected a news analysis which had stated as fact that a fire in a West Bank mosque last month was due to arson. As we noted last week, an Israeli investigation had recently concluded that the fire resulted from an electrical malfunction, and did not involve arson.
In response to correspondence from CAMERA, The New York Times and Associated Press last week published articles about the Israeli findings, and Associated Press as well as Haaretz corrected photo captions which had identified arson as the cause of the fire.
The Times Dec. 19 correction (in print and online) notes that the fire’s cause “had yet to be determined; it was not a ‘recent arson.’ (The Israeli police have since determined that the fire was most likely caused by an electrical fault, not arson.)”
Los Angeles Times Publishes Follow Up, But No Correction
Following urging from CAMERA, The Los Angeles Times has published the AP article about the Israeli investigation finding the fire at the Mughayer mosque was electrical. Unlike The New York Times, though, the LA paper has yet to correct is earlier article unequivocally referring to “the torching this month of a mosque outside the West Bank city of Ramallah.”
No Action, Still, From CNN, AFP
In broadcasts and online, CNN had stated as fact that arson was responsible for the Mughayer fire. It, like Agence France Presse, which published numerous photo captions definitively blaming “Jewish settlers,” have failed to correct.

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