Newsweek Features Only One Side

Newsweek’s March 17, 2003 “Periscope” included a photograph of a Palestinian funeral sarcastically entitled “ISRAEL ‘Collateral Damage’ in Gaza.” This sarcasm was misplaced, particularly since Israel’s version of events was deceptively omitted from the accompanying text.

The paragraph caustically described “the latest example of ‘collateral damage’ ” as “seven unarmed Palestinians” killed by an Israeli tank shell. The writer editorialized that “few Israeli soldiers have been punished for killing civilians,” suggesting that the lack of accountability might be making the Israeli army reckless. However, the paragraph neglected to include the fact that the IDF officially denied these claims, insisting that the Palestinian casualties were the result of explosive devices detonated toward Israeli forces from within a Palestinian building.

It is inappropriate for a responsible news organization to present one side’s grievances as fact all the while omitting any word of rebuttal by the accused party. Newsweek should have provided its readers with the full picture.

Unfortunately, the editors at Newsweek did not respond to attempts to contact them.

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